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About a Shotgun Wedding and a Stain on my Shirt

There were only a couple of PORTRAIT images that I took, but didn’t use for the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Here they are:



Here is Christopher D. Bennett Quiz question:


I use Sony cameras because they bought out what was the Bennett family’s unofficial official camera brand, what was that brand?

ANSWER: Minolta


What is the name of song and the artist that recorded it, about a snake that steals people’s root beer that was on my favorite 8 track that we used to listen to in the Slice of Life Dark Room?

ANSWER: Sneaky Snake & Tom T. Hall.

Slice of Life Vol. 186

A wide variety in this collection AND it officially finishes off another photo album!

I consider this to be the greatest picture of the Herricks ever taken!

On the back of this picture are the words: Teresa first me born. No clue what that means.

I have no clue who these people are, but I’m pretty sure they are awesome!

I wonder if this is a picture of when President McKinley visited Boone.

Up next, a whole new photo album.