Potential New Cub for 2026

Lowell and Leah welcomed a new person into this world this past week, so if you see them wandering the streets, tell them congratulations. The important statistical information is as follows:

Holden Ryne Davis
Born September 27, 2006
7:17 p.m.
8 lbs 7 oz.
20.5 inches long

The new picture of the week is up. I intend on making that a Friday tradition, so if you only have time to check this website once a week, Friday might just be your day.

The new picture is “Blue Steel”. It is a self portrait. I would like to say that it is somebody else in the picture, but quite frankly none of my friend’s goatees can match mine for its pure ferocity. This picture is not anywhere near as easy to make as it appears. Think about holding a picture pointed towards yourself at about 3 inches. That is what it took to make this picture.

The day I made this picture I took in excess of 50 pictures. I tried the picture with a toothpick and while eating a Star Bar and finally settled for this pose with water leaking out of my mouth ever so slightly to make my lips glisten.

Whatever else you can say about this picture, it almost immediately draws a strong reaction upon the viewer. Some people instantly see the humor. Some people can’t handle the visceral sexual heat that this image gives off. Some people have problems figuring out the picture’s subject. I won’t tell you what some people thought it was at an initial glance. All I can tell you is that some people are sick and twisted individuals. Sick and twisted.

The name “Blue Steel” comes from the pose Ben Stiller’s character uses in “Zoolander“. If you have seen that movie you will appreciate this fact. I almost attempted to duplicate “Magnum” instead of “Blue Steel”, but I don’t quite have that pose perfected yet. Soon though, it will be mine.