A Good Day at Work

This will be just a brief little thing. I just wanted to take time to mention that yesterday at work I finally got a picture of one of the ground hogs that lives out behind my place of employment. I have wanted this picture ever since I first saw one six months ago.

The ironic thing about this groundhog picture is that the groundhog was found climbing in a tree by Steve. Just earlier in the day on my fresh air break we had discussed our love of watching wildlife in the wooded area behind where we work.

Two hours later he came inside from his smoke break to grab me and tell me that there was a groundhog in a tree. I grabbed my camera and took the picture below.

Groundhog Steve

2 thoughts on “A Good Day at Work”

  1. I honestly don’t know. When I was hired on at my place of employment I was told wonderful tales about homeless people living in the woods. I have wandered the woods on my breaks, but all I have seen for my efforts are large amounts of garbage. So it is my guess that he is eating garbage.

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