Thank you for meeting me here. I will make this brief.

Some of you may know that I work for a company that is one of the industry leaders in “practice management software”. You may also know that the “mission statement” of our company is to create “solutions for success”, meaning that if you are having a problem being successful, we can solve that problem quick, fast, and in a hurry. We’ll make that success disappear in a heartbeat. But I didn’t bring you here to make fun of mission statements. I came to ask for your assistance. I also came to tell you that I most likely don’t need your assistance, but I do need you to be aware of a situation.

I host my website on a server of a salesman that works for “the company”. Not the CIA, but the company with the poorly worded mission statement that employs me. I do this because it is free and I am careful about in what directions I throw my cash.

Why does this concern you? There has been a recent development with this server with which I might, but most likely will not need your help. The VP in charge of Product Development with the company has written a new security program and is testing it on the salesman’s computer.

This might affect you because in your daily rummagings through the Photography 139 website you might get the boot for being a security risk. Although this scenario is highly unlikely if it does happen I need you to inform me so that I can inform my Server Administrator (the salesman) so he can inform the security programmer (the VP) and then he can tweak his program.

I reiterate that this is a highly unlikely scenario, but let me know. You know where to find me.

One last quick point. I am not mocking the company that employs me. I love it here. They gave me an iPod and Smart Putty. I just really don’t like the “mission statement” concept and in particular don’t like poorly worded sentences unless they are flowing from my keyboard.