Light the Night

Looking to do something to help in the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma. I have an opportunity for you. First read a little bit about the organization.

Your support means a lot…to me and to thousands of others.
Thanks for visiting my Light The Night homepage. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk is the nation’s night to pay tribute and bring hope to thousands of patients battling blood cancers and to commemorate loved ones lost.

The Society funds lifesaving cancer research that has contributed to major advances in the treatment of blood cancers and many other types of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and stem cell transplants that have prolonged and enhanced the lives of patients. New targeted therapies that kill cancer cells without harming normal tissue have already begun to provide drugs and procedures that are improving quality of life.

But more research is critically needed:

* Every five minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. Every ten minutes, someone dies.
* Leukemia causes more deaths among children than any other cancer
* More than 20,000 Americans died from lymphoma in 2006
* The survival rate for melanoma is just 33 per cent

Please make a donation to support my Light The Night Walk and help save lives. Be sure to check my Web site frequently to see my progress, and again, thanks for your support!

West Des Moines is holding a Light the Night Walk very soon.

Saturday, September 22
7:00 PM
Farm Bureau Headquarters
West Des Moines

If you are wondering. I have nothing to do with this event and I am not even participating. I’ll be at a wedding reception. However, my good friend Sara Junck is participating and looking to raise some money. So if you have a few loose chunks of change floating around and don’t know what to do with it, perhaps you could float it their way. To make a donation, follow the link that I have so ultra conveniently included below:

Sara Junck’s Donation Page (Link Inactive)

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  1. I said it once on your myspace blog (I think) and I’ll say it again. You are a blogging MACHINE! I would like to say this about the Eric Lindell CD — if you ever get the chance, see him live. I think that’s the only reason the CD feels like a let-down to me. I might go buy a digital camera today. If you get a chance, will you jump on the Best Buy website and see if there’s a camera that is less than $200 that you would think would be ok to buy? As much as I want that one I bought for ISU (twice), I can’t afford it. Let me know what you think. You can just email me the answer to my gmail account — my new fancy phone has internet! I’m sending an email/blogging about it today, so expect the new number soon!

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