I wrote recently that the Herrick family was always intertwined with the destiny of the Bennetts. There is another family that also has always been side by side with the Bennetts. That clan is the Maddux clan.

I don’t think that I had seen a single Maddux this year until Saturday at Amy’s wedding. I took the opportunity to get my picture with Scott and Mike. Logan took the picture.

After the picture was recorded Mike wanted to know if we should go to the backyard and play some baseball. I was game, but it did raise a question for me. Do they still make Nerf baseballs?

After that picture was taken we added Earl and Curt to the picture. Teresa took the next picture.

September - Misc.

If you are wondering, yes Curt has won a few mustache contests in his day.

I learned how some of my family’s and friend’s family’s histories are more intertwined than I had known.

Willy’s grandma passed away on Thursday. For the last couple of months my mom has been a volunteer visiting people in the nursing home. One of the people that she has been visiting is Willy’s grandma.

I thought it was kind of a strange quirk of destiny that my mom would be visiting one of my best friend’s grandma’s, but they had a connection that actually dates back further than my friendship with Willy.

Willy’s grandma used to run the high school cafeteria kitchen. My mom worked for her for one year.

Sunday was the visitation. I was looking at the pictures of Willy’s grandma’s 1933 softball team with Willy when Curt walked in. It was strange because I haven’t see any member of the Maddux clan for over a year and now I have seen them on consecutive days.

It turns out that Willy’s grandma was Curt’s aunt. One of those “small world” things.