Relay for Life

Lowell and I discussed putting together a Relay for Life team for 2008 shortly after the 2007 Relay for Life event ended. Then we did nothing.

A couple of Sundays ago they announced in church the need for members for our 2 Relay for Life teams. Lowell quickly signed us up for a team.

Last Sunday after completing my ushering duties, I made my way down to Fellowship. Once there I received my packet.

Methodist Team A Relay for Life Packet

As I’ve been going through some of the information in the packet I notice that there is a Team Spirit Award this year. The team with the most points wins this award. Some of the ways that teams earn points are:

  • Hold a team fundraiser prior to the Relay
  • Sell 15 daffodil bunches during Daffodil Days
  • Buy/Sell 20 Luminaries
  • Decorate your campsite
  • Have 1 or more team members in the frozen t-shirt contest
  • Have 1 or more team members in the Miss Relay contest
  • All team members attend the Opening Ceremony
  • 8+ team members attend the Closing Ceremony
  • Team member(s) walking every hour of the relay
  • Bring a survivor to the relay who has not attended before

Some of the Fun Laps include:

  • Masquerade lap
  • Safari lap
  • Reality show lap
  • Pirate lap

Perhaps my favorite part of the handout is the “Be Prepared for These Possible Activities…” section:

  • Miss Relay Competition (for Men and Boys only!!)
  • Frozen t-shirt Contest
  • Biggest Eater Contest
  • Dance Lap
  • Biggest Eater Contest
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Shave a Balloon Contest
  • Fear Factor Challenge

The Miss Relay Competition intrigues me. I happen to know a very successful Drag Queen (albeit retired), but that might be considered cheating. I also happen to know a Dance Machine and a person with a competitive eating title to his credit. I also know a guy that has a lead on a pretty good pirate costume. Hmmm… some planning might be on the horizon.