Our bowling team has been making a bit of run as of late. Two weeks ago we won 21 of 24 points. Then last night we won 19 of 24 points. We’ve pushed our way all the way from nearly last place to 5th place. We might even be higher when the standings come out next week.

On Monday night we were dealt another blow. We lost another team member for the remainder of the season. I didn’t quite catch all the details, but one of our team members violated their probation and now they have to go away. However, it didn’t sound like he was going to prison. He kept using the word treatment.

The good news is that a bowling phenom just moved back to the area from Arizona. Now all we have to do is convince him that he needs to join our team.

While I have been avoiding the cold weather this winter I’ve been trying to figure out ways to add texture to my images. This search has caused me to make the image below while I was testing a scanner at work a few days ago.

I do love getting play with scanners at work. I just wish I got more time with them.