The Calling

I got an interesting MySpace e-mail today. It was related to the picture below.

The Waiting

It is from a woman I graduated from dear old BHS from all those years ago named Dawn.

I like to give credit where credit is due, and as one creative person to another, I thought you would enjoy knowing that your latest default picture helped influence my latest poem “the calling”. I had already been working on another poem about Spirit Lake, but your picture took me in an entirely different direction. Anyway, enjoy!

The Calling

Looking upon nobility of the sea
Ebbing tide whispers
Follow me…follow me

Life’s course has been set for me
Seagulls cry
Break free…break free

Thoughtful now I can’t turn to flee
Buoy holds tight
Let me be…let me be

My savior has set me free
Steady pier
Just for me…just for me

It feels good to have helped influence a fellow artist. This e-mail comes at a good time. I have felt less than creative lately. It does remind me that I wish I had poetry writing in my skill set.