Two more pictures that were not selected.


It took me some time to actually find one of these old merry-go-rounds. I searched high and low and only found one in Boone. Perhaps there is another one somewhere, but the only one I could find was at the Trinity playground.

The point of this picture was to convey movement by making the background a motion blur, but keeping the foreground in focus.


I don’t really have much to say about this picture. I can’t even remember when or where I took it. It is a black and white flower picture.

2 thoughts on “Spurned”

  1. I keep my mad merry-go-round skills up at Miles-Lee Park. You can keep that in mind for your future merry-go-round needs.

  2. I’ll have to keep that in mind. It seemed that the Trinity Lutheran merry-go-round is on its last legs.

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