First Meet

Alexis had her first gymnastics meet on Sunday. She totally ripped it up. Just look at all the precious metal she brought back with her from that other side of the state.

Alexis the Gymnast
I don’t know how she can even stand up!

This is how she did:

  • 6th on Floor
  • 3rd on Vault
  • 3rd on Beam
  • 1st on Bars
  • 3rd in All-Around

I’m glad that she got all of this athletic ability from the Bennett side of the family.

Her next meet is in Chow’s gym AKA where Shawn Johnson trains. That should be a pretty incredible experience.

One thought on “First Meet”

  1. What a cutie! Yes, she did well in Hawkeye country… Coralville! I know that the above is the information that I texted to you and the other people on my texting list… but it’s not correct.
    In my excitement, I mixed it up a bit… Here are the facts:

    she actually got 6th on Vault and 3rd on Floor. The rest are correct.

    There were 66 girls who competed in her session. She competed against 16 girls in her age group. There were 13 Gymnastic Academies competing. Of the 16 girls she competed against, they came from 8 different gyms, and one was her team mate.

    Based on her total score of: 34.725
    she is eligible to compete at STATE in Sioux City in December. To make it to State, a Level 4 gymnast has to have a score at any one meet of 29, or above.

    And… The next meet is Chow’s Rising Stars Invitational, Oct. 4th but it is not at Chow’s Gym. It will be held on the campus of AIB in Des Moines. But it will still be exciting!

    Coach Anna told the girls that Chow’s will be a harder meet because everyone has now seen how good their team is, so they need to practice harder to get even better.

    The meet was so fun and exciting! We are so PROUD! It is quite an emotion filled day watching the meet… the nerves, the tears, and the smiles. Just awesome!

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