No Good Deed…

From the Clare Boothe Luce Files:

Monday was the annual Computer Mine Thanksgiving. The Mine brings in a healthy spread of food and the meal is supplemented in a potluck manner by various employees.

In my time at the mine, I’ve never once contributed to a potluck. This is connected to the fact that I don’t cook all that much and because I don’t really want to.

On the Friday before the Thanksgiving I was having a conversation with newest member of the mining team. He had signed up to bring a wide variety of food and through the process of the conversation I somehow agreed to lighten his load by bringing rolls.

On Monday I brought rolls, butter and homemade apple butter. The apple butter is made by a woman that works with my mom.

After the meal was concluded, the people that run the Thanksgiving loaded the leftovers (including the apple butter) into the company fridge.

The next morning the following email was sent out to the entire company.

To whomever had a jar of homemade applesauce/butter in the refrigerator, I regret to inform you it fell out and busted on the floor. Sorry.

I think this is the universe telling me not to contribute to any potlucks in the future.