Gridiron Prophets – Year 3

As a third college football season drew to a close, a third season for the Gridiron Prophets (a College Football Pick ’em) completed. For the first time since its inception, Toby did not come out as a champion. Lowell came out on top.

This year’s standings:

1. Lowell Davis (The Perfect Storm)
2. Robert Henning (Bob’s Picks to Win)
3. Corey Faust (A-Rob All Stars)
4. Jason Baier (Hookie Hoo-Hah)
5. Jon DeWaard (Lemon Party)
6. Mark Wolfram (Taiwan Hawkeye)
7. Dan Dill (dandydan)
8. Toby Sebring (I Love Lamp)
9. Christopher D. Bennett (Tea Leaves)
10. Jesse Howard (Cyclone Goldie)
11. Jim Condon (obscene)

I guess I need to get Lowell’s trophy ordered.