Doing a Brother a Solid

Sometimes you think you know a guy and then something comes out of his mouth that makes you wonder if you know that guy at all.

I had one of those moments on Monday night. I was hosting an NCAA Championship game watch when a commercial for Hardee’s came on.

At the conclusion of the commercial one of my compatriots announced that he had gotten in trouble with his wife for watching that commercial.

It is a strange concept for me to think of somebody getting in trouble for watching a commercial, no matter how over the top the sexuality of the commercial. But putting that small tidbit aside, what came out of his mouth next was the truly shocking part.

“I just wanted to see the commercial to see what was on the burger.”

With all due apologies (and I’ve never doubted the veracity of this man’s statements in the past) but that is the equivalent of “I only get Playboy to read the articles.” Of course, that is still an improvement on subscribing to Playboy and telling your mom that your friends got you the subscription. Yes, I’m still bitter about that.

But because my friend can’t watch this commercial in the privacy of his own home to figure out what is on the burger, I am posting the extended cut of the commercial below so that he can at least solve this burger conundrum in the privacy of his cubicle at work. I just hope I don’t get ratted out to his wife.

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