The Grand Slam

This is a video of Jesse eating an onion. Why? Because he said that he could and Schmidt and I doubted him. Well perhaps doubt is the wrong term, because we wanted to see him do it.

But now we have devised a new goal for Jesse. We want him to complete the Grand Slam of onions. He has taken a white onion down. It is time for him to step up to a yellow onion. Then a red onion. Then finally a green onion.

If you see 3 more videos, you know he was up to the challenge.

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One thought on “The Grand Slam”

  1. Jesse,

    Is that you do in your downtime at work? You could have had some awesome sales and shit during this time frame. Johnstone vs. Howard, Wrestle Mania IIXIII coming soon in the Nystrom back yard! Did you get TPB on your DVR program manager yet? Peace!

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