Boone County Fair

This is not meant to be in any way shape or form meant to be bragging. It is merely meant to be informative, since not everybody makes it to the Boone County Fair.

I wanted to enter a couple of pictures in the Boone County Fair “photography contest”. As it turned out, I didn’t have time to order 2 new pictures, so I selected 2 8x10s out of a stack of about 25 8x10s I have stored in a manila envelope for just such an occasion.

Even though I didn’t order any new pictures, but only entered a couple of pictures that are a couple of years old, I still couldn’t seem to find time to mount and mat the pictures. Luckily, Vest from work was willing to do that for me.

Here are the pictures I entered:

Boone County Fair Photo Contest - 2009

Boone County Fair Photo Contest - 2009

The orange flower picture got a Blue Ribbon.

The black and white bus picture got a Purple Ribbon for Outstanding Home Department Project or something like that.

I have a fairly firm rule about never entering a photo in more than one contest, but I was distressed to find out when I got home late Sunday night when I was putting the pictures in their bag and putting them in the trunk, that I had entered the orange flower picture in the 2007 Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest.

That frustrates me and lead to a re-organization of the trunk. Even though that kept me up until 2 in the morning.