Jesse Goes to Africa – Collection 1

For a few days in a row, I’m going to post 10 pictures from Jesse’s trip. I only know one of the people that he went on the trip with and I don’t know what is going on in the pictures because we haven’t had a chance to go over the pictures, so you are going to get my best uneducated guess as to what each picture represents.

I do mean uneducated. Everything I know about Africa comes from watching the movie Shaft in Africa*. A movie with the tagline: “THE Brother Man in the Motherland.”

A movie with great dialogue like:

Shaft: Look, why don’t you get rid of that jolly giant over there, so you and I can get down to the finer strokes.
Aleme: Oziot has guarded me since I was a child. Sometimes I think of him as my living chastity belt.
Shaft: Damn! Man that size, baby, that’s a whole lot of chastity!

This conversation goes on for a little bit longer, but I invite you to experience its full greatness by picking up your own copy of Shaft in Africa.

It appears that Jesse must have flown out of the Kansas City or St. Louis airport because I believe this picture must have been taken in Missouri.

I’m assuming Salodin means Dairy Queen. As long as they have Dilly Bars, I’m in!

It is just nice to see a picture of a bunch of kids and none of them are wearing Crocs!

There is a scene in the movie Gone with the Wind where Rhett brings back the latest fashion from Paris for Scarlett. Scarlett does not know how to wear the new hat. Rhett quips: “This war stopped being a joke when a girl like you doesn’t know how to wear the latest fashion.”

I think what Jesse was trying to say with this picture is: “Years of genocide and civil war stopped being a joke when these orphans don’t have a choosy mom to choose them Jif.”

What I really like in this picture is the combination of kids that are trying to throwdown the badass vibe and the kids that are just being silly.

Jesse introducing Ugandan kids to the Fonzie pose.

I think Jesse is teaching them the awesome power of spirit fingers.

Dave and Jesse showing off the Little White Lye Soap that kept them clean and manly smelling during their mission trip.

10 more pictures are on the way.

*I also learned everything I know about being a man from the original Shaft.