The Taiwan Times – August 2009

The Taiwan Times
by Mark Wolfram
Reporting on God’s mission in Taiwan

Quick Update

Hello everyone from Taiwan. Just wanted to write and let you know that I made it back over here safely, after a wonderful time in the United States. I spent 7 weeks in America this summer, which is the longest I had stayed since coming overseas as a missionary. I really enjoyed the chance to meet many of you and come speak at several churches.

One prayer for the summer, was for the necessary funds to be raised for the coming year. Praise God that He always provides. I am elated to say that I am fully funded for the coming year. I thank so many of you who provided financial support for the mission work that is happening here in Taiwan.

As I write this, Concordia Middle School has just begun a new semester. After a month of optional summer classes, the students are now beginning their mandatory school. I am excited for another opportunity to teach Bible and English classes here at CMS. My schedule this year will include 7th,8th, 10th, and 11th graders. The 11th grade will be a new class for me, although I am blessed to be able continue teaching an amazing group of the students I had last year as 10th graders.

In addition this month will start up our Thursday evening On-Campus Student Fellowship, and Friday Night Bible English Bible Study. The Salvation Youth Group has continued through-out the summer, and I have been able to attend the last two Saturdays.

That’s right boys and girls, it’s the start of a new year, and it brings excitement, energy, and many chances to share the love of Christ through words and actions.

It’s Prayer Time!

1. Pray for me as I start a new school year. Pray that I may get all of my classes organized and off to a good start. Pray that I may love my students and share Jesus with them in all things.

2. Pray for Friday Night Bible Study, On-campus Student Fellowship, and Salvation Youth Group. Pray for God’s blessings as these start and that many kids may come eager to hear about the love of Jesus.

3. Pray for all of the missionaries here on Team Taiwan. May God bless all of us as we work together and share the Gospel.

4. Pray for my barber (whose name is Sue Hway…some had asked). Pray that she may come to faith in Christ.

5. Pray that God would help me continue to improve my Chinese.

May God bless you all,