Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Jesse Lee (Lex) Howard. Here is but a poor sampling of pictures of the times we have shared in recent years.

I Can Not Tell a Lie
After beating that net!

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006
In Clinton, Iowa on The Road Trip – 2006

The Big Jesus Road Trip
With the World’s Largest Cheeto

The Big Jesus Road Trip
Jesse’s Picture on The Friend Wall. Eating a Bob’s Dog – LeMars, Iowa

Iowa State vs. Nebraska
Wearing an Old Lady’s Hat

Gorshe Wedding
Before Jen and Derrick’s Wedding

Arizona Day 3
With Lowell in Arizona

Tom Harkin Office Visit
Hanging Out at Snookies after lobbying Tom Harkin’s staff.

Howards - 2009
With his Family

2009 Birthday/Housewarming Party Invitation
Disappointing Steve.

Arizona Trip - Day 1
In the Denver airport.

Mankato Road Trip - 2009
With his Duke Burger

Mankato Road Trip - 2009
Enjoying the View of the Falls with Jackson, Faust and Jay.

The Big Jesus Road Trip
In Mallard, Iowa

The Girls
Failing to tickle me.

Of course there are many more pictures of Jesse in the Friends Album of the Snapshots Gallery. (Recently downsized)

Or you can click on the link below:

One more time, Happy Birthday Jesse!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jesse!”

  1. There's a surprisingly high number of photos of Jesse with disproportionately large food here…

    Happy birthday, Mayor!

  2. You have to know what you like. He likes the large food. Too bad he didn't go on The Road Trip – 2009 so I could have a picture of him with a Gunderburger.

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