Proust Questionnaire Number Two

Marcel Proust Quote:
“We become moral when we are unhappy.”

Confessions Question:
What you appreciate the most in your friends.

Confidences Question:
What I appreciate most about my friends.

Proust’s Answer:
To have tenderness for me, if their personage is exquisite enough to render quite high the price of their tenderness.

I have always had a 100% commitment to the truth and I will remind you, before you read this, that there is truth in lies if you can collect enough of them.

The thing I appreciate most about my friends is their ability to use me. In fact, let’s just take a look back at all the ways that my friends used me in 2009:

I hope my friends are able to use me this much or more next year. With the exception of the moving part. If I move again in the next 2 years my life most likely left the tracks again.