RWPE #6 – Adventure

Daily Reminder

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The theme for last week was ADVENTURE:

Jesse Howard

Michael Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

It is my custom not to explain much about my RWPE photos and I will not break with that tradition, but I will at least state that there is a small back story as to why I took a picture of me scrubbing the toilet for the theme ADVENTURE. This picture was not out of laziness. It exists for a reason.

Dawn’s Weekly Poem


Let’s skip a stone on the pond
And run the forest wild
Have a sword fight in the woods
And fight the king so viled

Build a clubhouse in the tree
And mighty dragons slay
Lay in the meadow to watch the clouds
And pass away our day

Let’s push the limits of our minds
And spill our hearts desire
Play in the spirit of our youth
And pray we never tire

This week’s theme is:

Out of Focus

Hopefully some fun can be had with that!

3 thoughts on “RWPE #6 – Adventure”

  1. I don’t know, that looks pretty adventurous to me… maybe not the fun kind, but an experience nonetheless.

  2. Truth is that I have 2 toilets in my house. Times I’ve scrubbed those toilets – 2. Times I’ve pretended to scrub the toilet so that I could take a picture of it – 1. That probably isn’t the greatest stat in the world.

  3. Well, the ratio of actual cleanings to fake cleanings may be a little different than the national average, yes. 🙂

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