Vacation Day 2 – The Tub

On Day 2 of my vacation, 1 of my major accomplishments was getting Willy and Derrick together and moving a tub.

We borrowed my uncle Butch’s truck and picked up the tub from Toby’s backyard. The tub used to be a planter and since it was raining all day, the dirt had turned into mud.

We picked up the tub and dumped all the dirt out of it. We took it to a carwash and sprayed it down. This resulted in my person being almost completely mud covered.

It was worth it, because now I have a sweet tub to use as a beverage trough for the barbecue and perhaps as a dog tub in the future.


Later that night Derrick, Jen and I went down to The Machine Shed for dinner. On the way down to Des Moines, Derrick dropped a little bomb on me.

He asked me if I had heard that Creighton was interested in hiring Greg McDermott.


It isn’t even my birthday… yet!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Day 2 – The Tub”

  1. The Greg McDermott stories are going to get more and more animated as the week goes on, I believe…

  2. You would most likely be correct, depending on how far I decide to delve into it.

    It certainly a roller coaster ride. From the heights of joy to the depths of despair.

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