5 thoughts on “Reiman Gardens”

  1. I love the Reiman Garden pictures! It was a good day! We need to do those kinds of things more often!

    Let’s talk about that toad. There might be other options.


  2. I love that you went – this is yet another local landmark I’ve never had a chance to visit. I really wanted to see the butterfly garden (they always remind me of Maddie), but I think they took it down?

    The World’s Largest Gnome is admittedly pretty sweet.

  3. The only options to figure out is how I’m going to raise the extra $140 to buy that sweet toad.

    Once I get my fence up it will serve 3 functions:

    1. Keep a dog in.
    2. Keep grape thieves out.
    3. Keep sweet toad/frog/alligator yard decor thieves at bay.

    I put the alligator out last night. It has a home now.


    The butterfly exhibit is a permanent exhibit. It isn’t going anywhere, so you will have plenty of time to check it out after you are unprego. (That is a word I just invented.) Of course after you are unprego, you won’t have plenty of time, for an entirely different reason.

    There are gnome-haters out there that like to point out that there is a larger gnome in Europe, but that gnome is made out of fiberglass and therefore isn’t a gnome at all.

  4. That makes me feel way better about the butterfly exhibit – I was really afraid I missed it. I enjoy the term “unprego” – it sounds a little like the anti-pasta sauce, in addition to being a state of womanhood.

  5. From the tour, they said that they rotate about 70 types of butterflies through the exhibit and in total they have several hundred types of butterflies. So there isn’t really a peak butterfly time either.

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