RWPE #17 – Feet

Here are the submissions for last week’s theme, feet. Included is a new first time contributor – Alexis. That is good, because there seemed to be fewer contributors this week. Perhaps the subject matter scared some people away. I know not everybody likes feet. After all, most feet are kind of gross, but some feet are funny. Hopefully most people find these feet to be to their liking. (At least the pictures of the feet.)

Alexis Stensland

Michael Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

The random theme generator has spit out the following theme for this week:


As always, I will be interested to see what people do with this theme.

A couple of late submissions:

Dawn Krause

Justin Whitaker

6 thoughts on “RWPE #17 – Feet”

  1. I do have to say, feet kind of creep me out – but these are some really interesting takes on them.

    (I’m assuming that is not a self-portrait due to the fingernail polish, Chris. Not that I’m judging if it is.)

  2. Those are Alexis’ feet. She came over on Sunday to help plant flowers.

    For the most part, I don’t want to see feet either. At least guy’s feet. There is a reason why I firmly believe that real men don’t wear sandals.

    They’re disgusting. Cover them up boys!

  3. Guy feet generally have a lot of hair, and are a lot knobbier than girl-feet. I’m personally of the opinion that hair does not belong on feet or armpits, on either gender (I know, I’m going to lose most people there). There are some hideous woman-feet out there, too, but there’s definitely a vastly higher proportion of ugly guy-feet.

  4. You’ve really spent a long time analyzing feet!

    Your no hair on feet or armpits of either gender is a little off the wall, but I can see where you are coming from.

  5. I’m not going to lie – this isn’t even the end of all of my foot theories/positions. I don’t think like normal people.

    I think it’s just because both places are a little inherently gross, so hair just kind of makes them grosser.

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