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  1. These are gorgeous – the last one is breathtaking. I don’t know if you still submit to the State Fair, but that’s worthy of competition.

  2. I will be entering the State Fair again this year, but that is not one of the pictures that will be entered.

    That picture is such a big time Photoshop manipulation that I probably won’t do anything with it. Well, I might enter it at the Boone County Fair because I like to enter the weirdest pictures imaginable there.

    Picasso said (this is a real quote this time):

    “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”

    That picture is definitely a lie. I should email you a copy of the original so you can see how much of a lie it really is…

    The clouds are Photoshop. The red tint is Photoshop. The lens flare is Photoshop.

    But to the point about the State Fair. I’ve already selected the 4 pictures that the State Fair will turn down this year. Going for a 4th straight year of rejection!

    Those pictures are a closely guarded secret, but if a person was to look at the Personal Photo Project that will be posted today, you might just see one of them.

  3. I had no clue that was all Photoshop – I figured maybe there were obviously some touch-ups, but that’s really beautiful, still. The red is just absolutely gorgeous, so it was a great choice.

    The State Fair clearly has no taste, then. I’m curious how the Boone County Fair crowds react to the weird photos?

  4. The State Fair does have its taste, it just isn’t me. Although before this 3 year drought began I used to get pictures displayed all of the time. I even got a ribbon once for a picture of Karma.

    I don’t think that I have regressed as a photographer, but perhaps I have.

    The Boone County Fair isn’t really a photo contest. It is hard to describe, but they do have a “Matted or Framed Photograph” category. I have to confess that the last two years I have dialed down the weirdness. Mostly because I just decided to submit two pictures that I had hanging around the house collecting dust because I had waited two long. The last two years I have had a picture get a Purple Sticker (budget cuts have forced them to use stickers rather than ribbons) for what that is worth. It is worth 3 bucks if you were trying to calculate that in your head.

  5. Oh, I should add that the reason why I decided to go weird was because one year I entered a Godzilla Photoshop composite image as a joke because pretty much everything that gets entered at the Boone County Fair gets a Blue Ribbon.

    That year I didn’t get a Blue Ribbon. In fact I got no ribbon. I was of only a few things that weren’t deemed ribbon-worthy. One of the other things was a jar of jam with mold on the top.

    Ever since that day, moldy jam has had a special place in my heart. If I ever self-publish a book of photography, it will be titled “Moldy Jam”.

  6. One last thing.

    I might also create a Journal Entry that breaks down how that image was created. We’ll see how ambitious I get.

  7. Um, the jam picture may be the best thing I’ve ever heard of. Any way I could convince you to send me a copy? Once upon a time, I wrote an entire blog article about jam vs. jelly vs. preserves (I like preserves the best, because they’re chunkier), so this is a very important issue to me. 🙂

    No Godzilla love from the BCF?! That disappoints me from a place that thrives off of cowboy art and demolition derbies (you’d figure awesome monsters would bring a new spin to things) – but it is kind of awesome that you shocked them enough to not get a ribbon/sticker.

  8. There isn’t a jam picture. The other thing that didn’t get a ribbon wasn’t a picture of moldy jam. It literally was a jar of moldy jam.

    Moldy jam is just what my book would be called.

  9. That’s even better. I don’t suppose you kept the moldy jam by any chance? I can’t imagine time would have been gentle to it…

  10. I’m not the one who entered the moldy jam.

    While I have made the occasional food moldy from neglect, I have never made jam.

    I was denied that chance last year, well technically jelly, when the grapes I was going to use were stolen.

    Hopefully I won’t have that problem this year because I hope to have my fence built by then with a sign warning off grape thieves.

    I could probably make something out of my raspberries though.

  11. I’m up-to-speed now. I’m now wondering if they actually tried eating the moldy jam? Or if they did a “did not ribbon” because they refused to attempt it?

    I’m loving the idea of a grape thief sign. Perhaps even a fake grape security camera would help matters.

  12. When I ran the Campus Outpost for the Evil Clown Empire, we had problems with people vandalizing the drive-thru menu board.

    The solution that the Senile Old Man and his Incompetent Son-in-Law devised was a fake security camera.

    It didn’t help the problem.

    Perhaps I can borrow some traps off of DiSalvo and put them around the grapevine when the grapes are almost ready to be harvested.

    I have to imagine that the judges didn’t actually try the moldy jam and they lose my respect for that.

  13. That idea was kind of doomed from the outset. I’m going to guess that it’s pretty easy to tell that a camera is fake (?), and (more importantly) that drunk college kids don’t care. Even if the camera had been real, how would they be identified unless someone recognized them while watching the tape?

    I like the traps idea. Just so long as you don’t put the people/animals you catch in the back seat of your car and bring it to work. 🙂

  14. Oh that makes the traps a bad idea. I didn’t think that I might catch animals. I just want justice for my stolen grapes.

    Perhaps, I can just hide out with a pellet gun and regulate on my thieves old west style.

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