Flame On

A couple weekends ago I made a trip to State Center with Teresa and Mom so I could photograph their rose garden. As is frequently the case, they got bored and left me behind so they could go to a gas station.

When they came back they told me that the fire department was burning down a house. I finished up my rose photography after about 15 more minutes and we headed over to the fire.

If you are the inquisitive sort, the State Center Rose Garden pictures are slated for a release date of July 16.

8 thoughts on “Flame On”

  1. Oh, my goodness. When you first said “house fire,” I assumed it’s the more common kind that is just some smoke and soot around the windows. That looks devastating. The flames look so sharp in the photos.

  2. From your tweets that day I assumed you were looking at fire & ice roses or something.

    The first photo of the fire through the window really captures my attention. It truly looks alive to me there. I also like the dramatic take you took on the chimney.

  3. Angie, I’m boggled about when I said “house fire”. Please enlighten me. I think devastating was the point. This building was the funeral home in State Center. Strangely, it was on the grounds of their school. They were burning it down to make room for a tether ball court, I’m assuming.

    Paul, Were you there for the Rose Festival. I believe that was last weekend? We stopped on our way back in Colo to eat at The Country House on the recommendation of Micky. It was awesome! Have you ever eaten there?

    Dawn, I had to go back and look at my “gurgles” (what tweets are now referred to as in honor of oil-soaked birds) on that day. That was an interesting conclusion you arrived at. If I would have read that gurgle, I think I would have concluded that I was in State Center watching a Guns’n’Roses cover band.

    I think I was most curious about what you would think about those pictures considering your friend the fire fighter.

  4. Quite truthfully I didn’t concentrate on the firemen in the photos too much. I think subconsciously I could tell that their stances were a little too relaxed given that this was just “practice” for them.

    However, from chats with my two firefighter friends I have learned a lot about how a fire “lives and breathes”. I think you captured that concept quite nicely in some of your photos.

  5. I apologize – you said “burning down a house” from the beginning, my brain translated it wrong. (Did you know that the volume of your brain actually slightly decreases during pregnancy? I’m blaming that.)

    Man, I loved tether ball. Is it too big of a liability these days for kids to play it? I haven’t seen a court in forever.

  6. Kids are pretty soft these days. No doubt about it. No wonder all they do is play video games. They aren’t allowed to have any fun.

    Yes fun=dangerous.

    I understand that your brain won’t regain any mass until your child is about 25 or 30. If Mark Twain is to be believed.

    I’m not even sure this was practice for the firefighters. They were using their hoses to knock over walls and the chimney.

  7. Most firefighters I know would probably be arsonists if they weren’t in the profession of fighting fire. It does not surprise me at all that they would use a controlled practice as playtime.

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