Dr. The Incidental Gardener

Since today is/was an extremely big day for the person that gave me the name “The Incidental Gardener”, I thought I would share a few more things from the files of The Incidental Gardener.

For FNSC last week Carrie, Jason and I helped Nader move some of the hundreds of boxes of movies and paraphernalia into storage. While I was waiting for the Baiers to arrive I took some photos of a lovely flowerbed that sits near Nader’s current apartment. The Incidental Gardener liked what he saw.

I am temporarily storing some of Nader’s movies at my place. While we were dropping off boxes filled with movies, Carrie admired many of my flowers. She asked for my advice on how to grow such a lovely collection of flowers. I offered her some of my wisdom. Here are a few pictures from The Incidental Gardener’s personal collection.

In closing, congratulations to Angie and Jon on their big day!

5 thoughts on “Dr. The Incidental Gardener”

  1. I will be excited to meet the new DeWaard at some point in the future, but I’ve put Jesse in charge of arranging a visit.

    Hopefully he takes care of that.

  2. We would LOVE that. We’re not incredibly mobile right now, but we would love to see you guys.

  3. I know Jesse is stuck in Missouri for at least the next week, so perhaps something could be worked out for the following week?

  4. That works great for us! Jon will be back to work full-time that week (M-Th from 2 – 10 pm, Fridays off), but we’ll be here other than that! Alice and I will be here for sure.

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