RWPE #26 – Market

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of the Random Weekly Photo Experiment. I think that the holiday weekend took its toll on submissions. There are only 3 for this week:

Dawn Krause

Julie Johnson

Christopher D. Bennett

Michael Vest

Dawn’s Weekly Poem

A Random Chat Revisited

Shopping at the market today
My mind engaged in wondrous play

Four apples, apples, on a stick
Egg plant, egg plant, won’t make me sick

My old friend from the park bench day
Stopped me with a few words to say

“I loved him once you know,” she said
“My heart no longer fills with dread”

“I’ve learned to simply let him go
My quest for love no longer show”

“My coltish days of youth are gone”
And from the ash emerged a swan

“My heart fills tender at the thought
Of what it was I hadn’t sought”

“I’m reminded now love’s slow burn
A real connection at every turn”

“Tender love with no childish games
No high emotion, hidden shames”

She tossed an apple in her cart
Turned her hips with intent to part

“Our hearts are growing as we age
Turning us from student to sage”

So many loves has this one known
In search of love her desires hone

I should take lecture from her past
Not accept the role which I’m cast

Explore each love when it’s new
Be open to the one that’s true

And so I go about my life
A tranquil heart without due strife

Until we chance to meet again
I’ll ponder her heart’s loss and gain

The Random Generator has spoken. This week’s theme is:


I will be interested to see what comes of that…

2 thoughts on “RWPE #26 – Market”

  1. I absolutely love the grocery carts – that’s really beautiful, in such an odd way.

  2. Thanks. I was pleased with the result despite waiting until 10:30 on Monday morning to tackle this project.

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