RWPE #27 – Communication

The submissions for last week’s theme COMMUNICATION are in:

Justin Whitaker of American Buddhist Perspective

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Christopher D. Bennett

The Random Generator has been fired up and it has spit out this week’s theme:


I would think that would be an easy subject for anybody going to Yellowstone or engaged in a meditation project.

3 thoughts on “RWPE #27 – Communication”

  1. Provided I can find a wireless signal in Yellowstone of course! I may have a better chance of phoning one in.

    I agree with Angie. Your photo was very creative! I probably would have followed Vest’s lead had I actually submitted something.

  2. It was the 2nd straight week where I didn’t take my picture until Monday morning. I decided on this idea on Sunday night before I went to bed as I forgot to take my top idea at FNSC.

    I only wish that I had an drawing skills at all. I can’t even draw a convincing heart!

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