State Fair Koan

I went to the State Fair with Sara on Sunday night with the mistaken belief that we would go see Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc in concert.

We were going to be ironic, not because we thought this would be good, but in the end, the joke was on us. The crowd was so large, that we instead just ate more delicious State Fair food and then ate some more delicious State Fair Food.

Some pictures:

Sara thought this lamb looked like Jupiter.

This ride almost killed me last year.

What is the State Fair Koan?

Look at the picture below:

Try to answer this impossible question:

What is prettier: Sara and I or our art?

4 thoughts on “State Fair Koan”

  1. Thanks! Although I’m sure Sara is the prettier one.

    In a couple of years we will have to add Baby Gorshe to the Spin Art artists that grace Sara’s walls.

    Although I don’t think you or Derrick have ever done Spin Art with use either.

    Seems like a tragic oversight that will have to be corrected in the future!

  2. It is not the most impressive cutout. Probably why you don’t see a picture of me in it.

    But Sara is addicted to cutouts, regardless of their quality.

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