Personal Photo Project of the Week #37

Cheaper than Therapy

I co-hosted a Baby Shower for Baby G. with Sara a couple months back. Sara wanted a photobooth for the shower, so I made a makeshift one in her garage. It worked well enough and we were able to use the pictures in a book of baby advice for them as a present when Baby G. came into this world officially.

Here are a few other pictures from the photo booth:

Even though these pictures are only a couple of months old, they just feel really dated!

I might have to tweak the photobooth idea again in the future, but it does need quite a bit of tweaking.

6 thoughts on “Personal Photo Project of the Week #37”

  1. These pictures are AWESOME!!! I love the one of all of us the best! I also love the ones of you and Sara holding up the signs! How fun will that be in another 20 years as they look back to it! Great job Bennett!!!

  2. SO GREAT! But the question is, ‘is that last sign true’? Can’t wait to hear that story! Congrats to the Gorshe family!

  3. Monica, thanks. But I don’t think I did a great job. Just great material to work with.

    Becky, it is true that it is a story.

  4. The baby book came out awesome! I feel blessed to be surrounded by such creative friends!!!

    Um…this is telling me I’ve already made this comment…I have not.

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