RWPE #40 – Odd Camera Angle

Last week’s theme ODD CAMERA ANGLE worked up the creative juices of more people than I was expecting. That makes me even more pumped for next week!

Shannon Bardole

Mike Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s poetry submission:

Odd Angle

You may say that I’m a cynic
that I should visit a clinic
or maybe that I judge too much
but sadly life has made it such

Maybe I’m a little jaded
Personality has faded
But it’s what’s hidden deep inside
that I can’t continue to hide

Perhaps I’m more aware these days
overly cautious with my ways
To watch a world falling apart
It’s time now for a brand new start

Only 12 weeks left in this humble experiment. Only 12 Themes left. It is probably time to consider whether or not this little project will return for another 52 weeks. Leave your feedback on this quandary in the comments section of this entry.

If you are pro RWPE Year 2, feel free to also leave suggestions for possible Themes for next year.

I’ve been out to the woods where the log cabin that protects the Random Theme Generator is protected from the elements. I adjusted its solar panels. It caught a glimpse of the sunlight, powered on and spit out the following theme for this week:


An interesting theme. I hope this is a theme that continues to fire the imaginations of those that entered in the past and those that wish to enter for the first time in the future.

2 thoughts on “RWPE #40 – Odd Camera Angle”

  1. I say keep the Random Generator running! I’ve had fun & learned a lot. I’ll have to get back to you on theme suggestions though.

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