RWPE #41 – Dry

Here are this week’s submissions for DRY:

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Shannon Bardole

Dawn Krause

Dawn’s poetry submission:


The wind blows through the Sahara of my mind
I’m reaching out but now your love’s gone blind
It took so long to reach my heart’s turning point
Now it lies in your hands not to disappoint

My garden is ready now to grow and bloom
The weeds have died and my heart has made room
Please don’t say your love is withered and dry
Let’s tend our flowers and let our love grow high

So I’ve been to the treehouse where the Random Theme Generator or RTG as his friends call him where he spends his sabbaticals. I put a coin in the slot. Pulled the handle. RTG spit out the following excellent theme for this week:


I’m very excited for this theme. I think there should be many good exceptions. After all, everybody has a shadow.

2 thoughts on “RWPE #41 – Dry”

  1. I was going to get a picture of some corn, but it was all out of the fields before I had a chance!

  2. Tis the season for dry vegetation! That was my first inclination too Angie!

    I like Shannon’s take on dry. I assume that is maybe some of her soap?

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