RWPE #42 – Shadows

I think that at the aggregate level, this is the best batch of submissions to date. Here are the submissions for SHADOWS:

Shannon Bardole

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

Carla Stensland A

Carla Stensland B

Dawn Krause

Michael Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


Something lurks beneath the bright
It shies away from the light
Peripheral image that can’t be seen
What can that phantom visual mean?

Sense the dark as it closes in
Suffocates like a hidden sin
Run to a meadow open and free
Take a moment to breathe and see

The sun was shining just last week
Now the sky seems cold and bleak
Oh won’t the sun come out and play
Chase the shadows and gloom awa

I’ve walked the rocky trail that leads to the cottage that houses the Random Theme Generator. I gave it a cookie and it spit out the theme for this week:


A compelling and interesting theme. I look forward to seeing the submissions and seeing what creative ways people waft with this theme.

3 thoughts on “RWPE #42 – Shadows”

  1. I miss the descriptions of what the theme is. Wish that feature could be added back into the blog. If you are taking requests… THANKS!

  2. I don’t really take requests, but the feature of describing the theme hasn’t really went away. I only use it when the theme is a technical photographic technique.

    For example, smoke photography is simply photography of smoke. That doesn’t really need to be explained.

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