Taiwan Times – October 2010

Taiwan Times:
October Newsletter

Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile since I got a newsletter out, and you have my apologies. I will work to do a better job in the coming months. In the meantime, I wanted to give you all a quick update for this month.

The school year has gotten off to a fast and furious start. Some of my new duties have been to help coordinate the application process for the missionaries’ green cards and work permits. I also was able to coordinate the visit of Dr. Christine Ross, who is a professor of Christian Education at Concordia Irvine, and leader of the DCE placement program.

Christine was able to give us a couple of quick refreshers on teaching Bible classes to students, in addition to being able to answer our concerns and questions. On top of that, she is also seeking opportunities for placement of DCE interns. I thought her trip went really well, and I ask you to pray for God to open opportunities to bring Irvine students out to Taiwan for service.

As for teaching, my classes have gone really well so far. I continue to teach 7th grade English and Bible, in addition to 10th and 11th grade Advanced English. I absolutely love teaching my kids and getting to know them and share Christ through word and action. Please pray for my interactions with students and for my preparation and grading of school work. May God be glorified through it all.

The out of class activities have also gotten up and running. On-Campus Student Fellowship, Friday Night Bible Study, and Salvation Youth Group continue to be used to spread the Gospel with teenagers here in Taiwan. At Friday Night Bible Study, we are currently teaching about the book of Acts and God the Holy Spirit’s work as seen through the early church. This week I will be teaching a lesson on the conversion of Saul. Please pray for God to be working through these fellowships and Bible Studies to create faith in the hearts of the people here in Taiwan.

Finally, I would like to share about a special prayer request. One of our missionaries, Noel Schaff, has returned to America for medical treatment. The doctors recently diagnosed her with cancer, so she will remain in the US for surgery and potential treatment. Andrew Schaff, her husband will also be going to the US to accompany his wife during this time.

Please pray for both Noel and Andrew. Pray for God to be with Noel and to heal her according to his will. Please also pray for Andrew as he comforts his wife and faces the trial with her. May God continue to be their source of strength.

In addition, pray for the teachers who are pitching in to help with classes. May God give us energy, focus, and may he be our strength.

Finally, pray also for a former Taiwan missionary, James Rush. He is considering the possibility of returning to Taiwan for a semester to help fill in with the teaching responsibilities. Details are still being worked out, but we hope and anticipate his arrival. Pray that God would work in that process, as James seeks to serve again here in Taiwan.

Thanks for all of your prayers and your financial support. As I shared in August, I am fully funded for this year of service, so praise God!. I know that I still have many “thanks yous” to write from this summer. I will not forget to write personal notes of thanks. But in the meantime, you are all greatly appreciated, and I thank God for you!

In Christ,