Personal Photo Project of the Week #42

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When it comes to framing and matting pictures I am a horrible procrastinator. So when Jill invited me to Evie’s final baby shower so that “Derrick and Rob would have somebody to talk to”, it provided me with a deadline.

I needed that deadline because although I had planned this project since shortly after Derrick told me that Jen was pregnant by telling me that they were canceling our trip to Kansas City to see the Cyclones play the Wildcats and I found this window sitting in my basement just begging to be used for such a project, I sometimes sit on things.

After all, I needed a gift for the baby shower. Otherwise, what would justify my eating of all the delicious free food? My natural charisma only takes me so far.

I got Teresa to cut the pictures since she has a steady hand and let’s face it, attention-to-detail isn’t exactly in my toolbox. Even though I’ve tried to purchase it at the local Sears on more than one occasion.

The baby shower was on a Sunday. We put it together on a Friday night. I snapped this picture and emailed it to Jill on the Saturday morning before I left to start the tailgating adventure before the final Iowa State-Nebraska game.

Since I didn’t get home from that game until after midnight and I woke up early for Church the next day and left for the baby shower shortly after I got out of my Methodist Men Board Meeting, what you see above is the only picture I have of the culmination of what was an 8 month project from beginning to end.

Probably the longest photo project of my career.

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