RWPE #45 – Diagonal Rule

This week there is a submission from somebody I have never met. I think that is an exciting development. Here are the submissions for DIAGONAL RULE:

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Shannon Bardole of Little White Lye Soap

Christopher D. Bennett

Julie Johnson of The Joy Is In The Journey

Karen Bittner

I stuck a quarter in the Random Theme Generator and pulled the handle. Before it gave me a theme for this week, it reminded me that there are only 7 themes left. As I was ruminating on this, the Random Theme Generator spit out the theme for this week:


Vest and I have decided to continue on with this project for another year. I put a call out for people to submit ideas for themes for next year. Nothing was submitted. Here is you last chance.

Vest and I are meeting soon (like today) to finalize the list of themes for next year. If you have a theme you want to see on next year’s list, you can leave it in the comments section of this journal entry and it will be considered for inclusion. But you are almost out of time.

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