RWPE #50 – Restaurants

Exactly the same number of people that love LOVE, loved RESTAURANTS. Here are the submissions:

Christopher D. Bennett

Shannon Bardole of Little White Lye Soap

Dawn Krause of Impassioned Versifier

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

This is it. Only 2 themes left. Somebody with a really good memory and a web browser could figure out the last remaining theme after the Random Theme Generator spit out an apropos theme for the week where Christians (like me) celebrate the birth of the savior.

Peace of Mind

I just want to throw out a reminder to anybody thinking of submitting a picture. The deadline is still noon on Monday. However, you don’t have to wait until Sunday night or Monday morning to submit.

I hope many of you find peace of mind this week. I know I will. Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve is my favorite church service of the year.

Also, the “Comments” section on my journal entries has been more active in the last week or so. This is something that I of course love, but the “comments notifier” plugin has went belly up. I’m actively working to solve the problem, but until I get fixed, you won’t be getting an email notifying you if I have responded to your comment. Or if somebody else has added a comment. So check back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I suppose I could forward comments for the time being.

Also I would like to thank Kelly from The Colorado Grill for allowing me to take my RWPE photo this week. We had a lengthy conversation about the calendar during FNSC. It is always good to touch base with my fans.

4 thoughts on “RWPE #50 – Restaurants”

  1. That is very unintentional.

    Usually I have a clearcut idea for which picture to use. I started with that picture and then moved to this picture:

    I moved because at first I wasn’t happy with the digital noise present in the picture due to the extremely high ISO used.

    Then the 2nd time I looked at the picture, I loved the digital noise. It gives it more of a surreal feel to it.

    Although you can’t really see the digital noise when the picture is shrank this small.

  2. I realize this, but there won’t be as much time to procrastinate this week with the holiday madness.

    I’m trying to help out the time management handicapped.

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