Journal Entry One-Thousand

It is hard to believe that this journal has reached entry 1,000.

Since I enjoy rather meaningless statistics, I’m going to go over a few right now.

According to how many times they have been viewed, these are the 10 Most Popular Pictures in the Artistic Gallery:

1. Gazing Ball Self-Portrait

2. Outburst of the Soul

3. Jen Between UnHingd Sets

3. UnHingd Publicity Still

5. US30 East of Ogden

6. 1900

6. Abandoned Piano – McCallsburg

6. Becca Senior Picture

9. Grizzly McAlpine

10. Obama Political Rally

10. Campanile Self-Portrait

These are the 10 Most Popular Snapshots Gallery Pictures:

1. Jesse and I with the World’s Largest Cheeto

2. Jesse and I Backstage at the Surf Ballroom

3. Jesse Eating a Bob’s Dog

4. Shannon Reading a Map at Backbone State Park

5. Jesse and I at Eagle Point Park

5. Cousin Amy, Sara and Jen at Bonne Finken Concert

5. Jesse Kissing the Blarney Stone in Emmetsburg

8. Jesse Onstage at the Surf Ballroom

8. Jesse and I Resting at the Sargent Floyd Monument

10. Some Kind of Deal Going Down at a Bonne Finken Concert

10. Sara and Jen at Bonne Finken Concert

The Top Ten People I Write About, Photograph or Contribute in Some Way (Tagged in Journal Entries):

1. Jay (144)
2. Jesse (143)
3. Shannon (140)
4. Derrick (117)
5. Jen (101)
6. Teresa (96)
7. Willy (93)
8. Sara (88)
9. Baier (65)
10. Dawn (64)

Of course, we will revisit these numbers and pictures in about 100 or so journal entries. Of course, it will be interesting to see what has changed!

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  1. It was quite the ordeal to get to see its majesty, so it better have some staying power.

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