Personal Photo Project of the Week #54

9 Emotions Project - Cousin Amy
Amy – 9 Emotions

Of all the people I have ever met in my life, perhaps only Marla Gorshe hates having her picture taken more than Cousin Amy. So I was very pleased when Sara was able to talk her into posing for this latest Personal Photo Project. The fact that she was the very first person to pose for the picture showed an amount of bravery that I respect.

The 9 emotions are from left to right – top to bottom are:

1. Joy
2. Sadness
3. Anger
4. Amusement
5. Fear
6. Jealousy
7. Surprise
8. Sympathy
9. Boredom

This is the project that will in the end replace the Friend Wall. I was originally going to photograph 9 people since I had 9 emotions, but now I think that I might expand this photo project to include more than 9 people because I have been very pleased with the results of the 4.5 people that have posed for it thus far.

A closer look at the 9 emotions:

Cousin Amy - Joy

Cousin Amy - Sadness

Cousin Amy - Anger

Cousin Amy - Amusement

Cousin Amy - Fear

Cousin Amy - Jealousy

Cousin Amy - Surprise

Cousin Amy - Sympathy

Cousin Amy - Boredom

It has been said that the best artists are the artists that best hide their inspirations, but I’ll just tell you flat out that this idea is being lifted from a page in the new Jon Stewart book.

Something you may be wondering is if I have the courage to have the camera turned on me and to pose for the 9 emotions picture myself. I do have the courage and I will do this after the 9th person has posed. However, I have my doubts that my 9 emotions picture will be that interesting. The only real emotion I emote is badass.

Next week’s Personal Photo Project of the Week will be Valentine’s Day related.

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