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These pictures are from backup/Old My Pictures/Beaver Massacre

I’ve try to come up with a good reason for why these pictures exist, but I can’t really defend them.

I will just try to explain what the general idea was supposed to be. These were supposed to be “Production Stills” for a movie that didn’t exist, The Beaver Machete Massacre.


I don’t know. I think Beaver looks like the set of a horror movie and I owned a machete.

Here they are:

I believe Jay was the first person to fall under my blade. Sometimes when two great artists get together a creative synergy occurs and amazing things are done. Sometimes they do garbage like this…

Bill was next and by this time my maniacal hillbilly character had bought a new plaid shirt. I think it was quilted so he wouldn’t get cold during the long winter nights in the woods.

By the time Willy had come around, I had lost the machete. But I had found an axe. Locally there was a clothing sale at Big Bear and the maniacal hillbilly had picked up yet another quilted flannel shirt.

We drove all the way out to Ledges, we might as well take more than one shot.

Poor Steph. Why did she ever agree to such a thing.

Jesse was next. I think this was done on his lunch break. Apparently I had found a hammer by this point.

I think we found that bottle littered on the ground at Wakefield Woods.

Jesse used to have a similar look on his face when he saw that he was going to have to defend me on the basketball court.

I’m pretty sure that Jay took these cinematic shots.

Jesse must have really been into this little project.

I must have found the machete again. The look on Andy’s face almost makes this old project worthwhile.

Take that Old Navy!

Next week’s folder is backup/Old My Pictures/County Fair 2004