The Archives: Edition Three

These pictures are from: backup/Old My Pictures/ Animals

In retrospect, I don’t know why I named this folder Animals. There aren’t that many animal pictures in it. I guess I must have considered it witty at the time.


For my 30th Birthday Party, I talked Andy and Jesse into dressing up like Sandmen from Logan’s Run and posing for pictures all over the awe-inspiring beauty of the Iowa State University campus. Jay was the photographer. I really need to watch Logan’s Run again sometime.

The notorious Black Angel in Iowa City.

Bill took this picture of Faust at our wedding.




Kalona, in front of the now defunct Kalona Cupboard.

The poster for Steph’s Senior Recital.

Brandon as Henrik Ibsen.

Lost Lake.

Next week’s look at the archives will be: backup/Old My Pictures/Backgrounds

Still another week before I have to come up with a good excuse for the Beaver Machete Massacre Project.