The Archives: Edition Two

These pictures are from: backup/Old My Pictures/2005 Calendar

I’m pretty sure these are the files from the 2nd year of the calendar, although it is possible that it was the 3rd or 1st year of the calendar. My records on such things are spotty at best.

In the early days of the calendar I made “individualized” calendars, but I only made 3 calendars back then, so it was somewhat easy to do. That is why there are more than 12 images in this folder.

These pictures would have been taken in 2004.

2005 Calendar - April
Until “Outburst of the Soul” this was the most popular picture I ever made. To this date, I believe it is the only picture I’ve ever taken that inspired a musical composition.

2005 Calendar - August

2005 Calendar - December
This is the first digital picture I ever took.

2005 Calendar - December Alternate

2005 Calendar - February

2005 Calendar - January
This picture was taken in Tulum near Cozumel. It was also fairly popular in its day.

2005 Calendar - July
This picture was taken between Upper Cullen Lake and Middle Cullen Lake in Minnesota.

2005 Calendar - June
This was the 1st (kind of feels like the last) picture I had accepted to the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. Apparently I’ve regressed as a photographer since this photo, the peak of my photography “career”.

2005 Calendar - March

2005 Calendar - May

2005 Calendar - November

2005 Calendar - October
I once had this terrible idea called the Beaver Machete Project. I’ll probably have to explain this later, but I’m going to buy myself a week or so to think of a good excuse for why I thought this was a good idea.

2005 Calendar September

2005 Calendar - September Alternate

Next week’s look at the archives will be: backup/Old My Pictures/Animals

A cursory glance of this folder reveals very few pictures of animals.

Small bookkeeping note, with this Journal Entry, Teresa becomes the 6th Person to be featured, mentioned, or alluded to in 100 entries. I’m sure she’ll put that on her resume.