RWPE Y2 #11 – Communication

There were a few more submissions for COMMUNICATION. Included in this week’s submissions is 1st time contributor Cathie Raley. I’m very excited to have Cathie aboard and I hope she continues to submit.

This week’s submissions for COMMUNICATION:

Mike Vest

Lee Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn Krause

Cathie Raley

Hoping to build on the momentum of this week I skipped down to the Random Theme Generator’s humble abode and asked for a good theme for this week. The Random Theme Generator spit out the following theme…


This theme is a slight tweaking of a theme from last year. Last year this theme was called OUT OF FOCUS. We changed the theme to UNFOCUSED to allow for a broader interpretation. A look back at last year’s submissions:


I hope that there are numerous submissions for next week. After all, almost anybody can take an unfocused picture. The thing to think aobut while you are taking your picture is what does it say about the subject when it isn’t in focus?

As always, there is only one rule for the Random Weekly Photo Experiment:

The picture must be taken the week of the theme.

Email submissions to by noon on Monday.

7 thoughts on “RWPE Y2 #11 – Communication”

  1. I shan’t even attempt to guess at a profound meaning, because knowing you it’s more likely that you just did it to mess with those of us that would notice such a thing ;P

  2. I will tell you that it isn’t just to mess with people. There is a meaning, but it actually isn’t profound.

  3. The database that houses those pictures must have been under maintenance. At least that is my best guess as to why that would have happened.

    Seem to be fine now.

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