6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Vol. 43”

  1. I’m pretty sure the 3rd train picture down is the railyard on the east end of town, as I recall it growing up. I believe it is standing near where the office is now looking west. I also may know where the 1st two photos were taken. I will try to take the scenic route home tonight and confirm my suspicions.

  2. I think the first picture is in Ogden, but have no clue about the buildings next to the railroad tracks that look like they are about to fall over. Perhaps Ogden as well?

    Thanks for the info on the railyard.

  3. I agree with you that the first one must be Ogden. The 2nd one is the one that peeked my interest because I am just sure that I’ve been in that area before wherever it is. I thought maybe Beaver at first, but the tracks are on the wrong side. I seem to have a bit of wanderlust the past few days so I may just do a little driving around in my area this weekend & see if I can figure it out.

  4. I’m 99% sure they are both Ogden. Photo #2 is the elevator still standing on the North side of the 4th Street crossing and photo #3 is the south side of the tracks at the same crossing. All of the buildings on the south side are now gone and were torn down over a number of years. Barb or Monica could confirm.

  5. It has been awhile since I’ve visited Barb at the flower shop. This could be the impetus for a trip. Plus she tells me I can sell pictures in her shop and I never take any over to her.

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