RWPE Y2 #15 – FOOD

There were a couple of submissions for FOOD this week. Included in these submissions are several submissions from Sara that clearly violate the one and only one rule of the Random Weekly Photo Experiment. Since this is her first submission, I’m allowing it:

Teresa Kahler

Sara Junck A

Sara Junck B

Sara Junck C

Sara Junck D

Sara Junck E

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

I’ve been down to visit the Random Theme Generator to get a theme for this week. It gave me what I consider to be a pretty good theme.


A look back at last year’s HANDS submissions:


I am hopeful that there will be plenty of submissions next week. After all, almost everybody has hands and everybody knows somebody that has hands. Plus hands do such interesting things!

4 thoughts on “RWPE Y2 #15 – FOOD”

  1. It must be stated that your photo about caused the ever so epic chocolate milk shooting through the sinus caveties trick. Poor foster! No wonder she has gone back to being a jerk! She did pose so wonderfully for you though? Love it!

  2. She never stopped being a jerk.

    She was only in the pot for about 20 seconds, but I was pretty amazed she didn’t hop out. But it mostly seemed like she had no clue what was happening, so she didn’t know how to react.

  3. Nothing wrong about it.

    Well the fact that stove clearly isn’t on is wrong, but I decided not to composite two images to make it appear that the stove was on so I didn’t get any hatemail.

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