Iowa State Spring Game

People have asked me for analysis from the Spring Game and I don’t really have much to give. I don’t really put much stock in the Spring Game for predicting anything for the coming season.

Here are my few observations. Take them for what they are worth:

  • Jerome Tiller looked the best of the quarterbacks by far. But none of them look like world beaters.
  • It looks like we have depth at all positions for the first time in a really long time.
  • Both the offensive and defensive lines look improved.
  • It was nice to see some receivers making plays. Some of the receivers we’ve had in the last couple years (Hamilton, Williams) are some of my all-time favorite Cyclones, but we have lacked a playmaker at that position since. . . . .  I don’t know. . . . Ed Williams?
  • Steele Jantz isn’t the second coming of Seneca Wallace, but there is hope that he isn’t the second coming of Lucca Staiger either.
  • The fan turn out was disappointing.  Yes it was cold. Yes you are soft if you didn’t show up.

Here are some pictures from the game:

I am ready for September 3rd when we demolish UNI to get the season started.

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