There wasn’t a sudden burst of more submissions this week, but I am pleased with the quality of submissions. For the first time in roughly 8 weeks, I even like my submission. The final 30 or so weeks of RWPE Y2 has some signs of hope.

Here are the submissions for DEPTH OF FIELD:

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

Christopher D. Bennett

The theme for this week is:


Here is a look back at last year’s submissions for PEOPLE:


This is the part where I would normally point out that this is a really easy theme because everybody knows somebody, but I’m starting to think everybody I know suffers from some form of social anxiety disorder or another. You can rest assured I will have a PEOPLE picture. After all, I know people.

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  1. Thanks. Now I don’t look so crazy for saving every fortune cookie fortune for the last 5 years.

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