Sarah and the City

Most people are probably as sick of hearing about New York City as I am of talking about it, (not really-I love talking about me and things I’ve done) but I recently got a package in the mail from Sarah consisting of some NYC “souvenirs”, one of the nicest cards I’ve ever received in the mail, and a flash drive with her pictures from my visit.

I’m going to share a few of those pictures that I have chosen based on an undisclosed criteria.

Jesse and I at the Statue of Liberty

Jesse and I at the Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

Jesse and Ellis Island

The Jazz Club that Served PBR

On the Subway

Tim on the Subway

Brooklyn Bridge

On the Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Skyline


Our Meal at the Italian Restaurant

Union Station

Jesse and I Overlooking Ground Zero

Jesse and I at the Statue of Liberty

Me and a Bird

Liberty Island

Me Displaying a Blatant Disregard for the Law

Waiting for the Subway

Waiting for the Subway

Jesse and I in Front of the Bar that Screwed Us on the Free Hot Dogs

Sarah and Tim and possibly other members of my family are coming to visit Boone at a yet to be determined time in September. If you are desiring to meet these people, you better get your name on the manifest in the immediate future.

Next week’s random photos will be a very small collection of pictures from a recent camping trip.