The Archives: Edition Twenty-Eight

These pictures come from the following folder:

Backup/Old My Pictures/Pop Art

I want to make one thing clear, I’ve always hated Pop Art and Andy Warhol. Although fascinatingly, very few of these pictures could be considered pop art, but I want to make sure that nobody misconstrues this collection as any kind of tribute Andy Warhol.

Jill once loaned me a movie called Factory Girl. The movie is about Edie Sedgwick. She was one of Andy Warhol’s first “superstars” and one of the people he used and threw away most completely.

There is a scene in the movie that best sums up the way I feel about Andy Warhol. Edie and Andy are having dinner with her parents. Although Edie’s father is definitely not a hero in the movie and he most likely sexually abused her in real life, his character has a brilliant line about Andy Warhol.

He looks at Warhol and says:

“You’re really more of a printmaker than an artist aren’t you?”

What I originally thought about doing with some of these pictures was hanging them in the kitchen. My current kitchen doesn’t really possess much picture hanging space, so this idea is kind of kaput, but I wouldn’t hang such terrible pictures on my wall any way. Not when I need to hang up the sweet apron that Sara (masquerading as Jupiter) gave me recently.

I firmly believe that the Bennett family pickle relish recipe is the best pickle relish recipe in the world.

I found this phone booth in Mexico.

I’ve been fond of growing Marigolds for nearly a decade now.

My Giverny (Picture named after Monet’s garden)

Next week’s folder will be:

Backup/Old My Pictures/Project Universe